Gentle Strength provides in person Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Trauma Therapy at Cockenzie House and Gardens, Cockenzie, East Lothian.

In addition, sessions are also available online/distantly.


Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) can help bring us back to a sense of wholeness and integration.  We can reconnect with our clarity and resources. Our energy and vitality can improve.  CST can help with specific symptoms and our overall sense of well-being.

CST is a very subtle yet deeply profound therapy which involves very lightnon-invasive and non-manipulative touch at various points of the body and can be beneficial for a wide range of both physical and emotional issues. The therapist is skilled in ‘listening’ to the workings of our body and encourages and supports our innate health to heal any aspects of our system which need attention, to facilitate optimum health and well-being. CST has a strong foundation in viewing our systems as a whole, and recognises the interconnection of mind, body and spirit.  It can have a deep impact on our well-being and our experience of our self on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Somatic Trauma therapy (STT) is a very simple approach for helping the body complete it’s natural responses to traumatic events.

It is particularly helpful for people who have suffered specific events and may have PTSD, for those who have experienced trauma early on in life (i.e. developmental trauma) and also those who have had chronic stress and trauma.  It doesn’t focus on talking about or reliving any traumatic event, and doesn’t have to involve any physical touch.  The focus is on guiding the person to track their physical sensations in a way that doesn’t provoke any overwhelm or agitation and which allows the nervous system to self-regulate and find peace and calm.  Again there is a deep listening in the sessions to ensure that the work takes place at a pace that feels safe to the client.
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Read the testimonials to get a sense of what people gain from the sessions. To make an appointment either visit the Contact page or call  07890189757.