Working distantly/online

The need to close in-person clinics during the lockdown led to me exploring working online/distantly.  My original scepticism has been replaced by enthusiasm and intrigue for this way of working and it’s powerful effects.  I find I am also using some of this approach within in-person sessions as well.

Due to the success and benefits for people with this way of working, I will be continuing to offer both Craniosacral skills and Somatic Trauma therapy online even with the in-person clinic operating.  It means you don’t have to travel and can be in the comfort or your own home, and it means that you can have sessions whilst you’re away from home or if you’re feeling too ill to come to the clinic.

Distant sessions using Craniosacral skills can be conducted via video like Zoom or Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime, or simply over the phone.  It is not necessary to have a video connection though I find having at least some verbal contact at the beginning of a session is hlepful.

Distant sessions for Somatic Trauma Therapy are best done using a video connection online like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime etc.

Please contact me via phone or email if you’d like to discuss this option or book a session.